Monday, June 28, 2010

Magnolia Tilda Hair Tutorial

Good morning everyone. Phew....after so many busy evening...I finally come up with some hair coloring pictures tutorial. Since I am not very good at writing, I am posting as many pictures as I can with each Copic marker #, so that you will get an idea on what colors I use and the way I brush. I prepared pictures for different brand of stamps. (other stamp lines will be posting soon) On today's sample, I used Magnolia Tilda. I am posting the three hair colors (Yellow, Brown & black) pictures sample.

*****Yellow Hair tutorial
Yellow hair - Y38, Y17, Y15, Y00

Step #1 - Y38 (left), then Step #2 - Y17 (right)

Step #3 - Y15 to move closer to the middle part, but be sure to leave a gap for the shiny shadowing, Step #4 - Y00 to brush the whole hair (including the empty middle part)

*****Brown Hair tutorial*****
Brown Hair - E49, E37, E41

Step #1 - Use E49 to star brushing from the edge of the hair toward the middle. Step #2 - Use E37 to brush from the edge toward the middle, then a little closer toward the middle but leave a little space for the light shadow to fill with E41.

Step #3 - Filled the rest of the empty space (for light shadowing in the middle).

*****Black Hair tutorial*****
Black Hair - 100, C8, C5, C1

Step #1 - Use 100 (black) Copic to start from the edge brushed toward the middle. Step #2 - use C8 to brush a bit more toward the middle. You have to be careful, or else you will ended up like me smash a dark spot (see right side of Tilda's image) on the paper.

Step #3 - Use a light color C5 to brush more toward to the middle, but leave some empty space in the middle for a lighter shadowing. Step #4 -last step, to use C1 to fill all the empty space of the hair.

That's all I have to share with you today. Hope you will find this helpful. I will be posting the same type of tutorial in the next few days but using other stamps. Hope you will be coming back again for a visit. Thank you for stopping by and see you again soon :o)


Patti Jo said...

Terrific tutorials Cabio! I don't have Copics, but still good tips for other mediums. Thanks for the help! You did a great job!!!

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Cabio!
I don't use copics either but you have done a terrific job on your tutorial. maybe one day I will have some copic's. Like Patti Jo said...good tips for other mediums.
Hugs Marion

Margreet said...

thanks for your clear's surely helpful!
xxx Margreet

Judith Veldhuizen said...

Thank you soo much for this great tutorial!!!
i think it's really hard to draw the hair in the correct way.. you did an awesome job!! I'm gonna give this a try really soon!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Cabio!!! Great tips! You do such an awesome job coloring. Thanks for sharing your "secrets!"

monica said...

Hi Cabio,
You did an excellent job and thank-you for sharing. The pictures are great and so are your tips. Waiting for your next tutorial.
Monica M

Kylie said...

Hi Cabio! Thank you so much for sharing - your tutorial was excellent.

Barb Hardeman said...

Great job Cabio. Thanks so muc for posting a tuturial that is easy to follow! I'm looking forward to your next one...hugs, Barb

Myrna said...

Great job on your tutorial! You always have such awesome hair on your images.

Corinne said...

Thanks for your step by step tutorial. Very easy to follow! I am looking forward to your next tutorial!

Glenda Mollet said...

Awesome tutorial Cabio. Thanks so much for sharing and doing this for us. I love the way you do hair, and all your other colouring too. Now to get some time to play!

Card Crazy said...

Thank you, Cabio. This is something I really need. Trying to get the nerve to start with Copics and this really helps.

Christine said...

Great tutorial Cabio. Thanks for sharing it!
xoxo, Christine

akuperstein said...

great tutorial,so easy to understand,Thank You

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ said...

Thanks Cabio for your tutorials i agree there are always so easy to follow.I always drool on your coloring.SOOOO THANKS FOR YOUR TIPS!!((hugs))Ruby♥

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Thank you! This is so helpful.

Maylee said...

Awesome tutorial Cabio! You ROCK!

Sharon Caudle said...

Awesome tutorial, Cabio! I know how much work goes into something like this, so a huge thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. YOU ROCK!!!!!

Crystal said...

Cabio WOW thanks for the wonderful tutorial I will soooo be coming back next time i am coloring hair..I LOVE how you color!!!

Kerri said...

YAY! Thank you for posting this, Cabio! You color hair like no other:)

Pam said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, Cabio! I have a few colors that I can add to my Copics now, to get really shiny hair!
Hugs to you,

Cami said...

Another excellent tutorial, Cabio. Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together. This is an excellent reference so I have bookmarked it and know I will use it often. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Cami

Crazystamper said...

Cabio this is wonderful, thanks for taking all the time to share with us. Cheers, Lora Sinkler-Lake