Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cards received from other crafters

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and ready for a new week. Today, I am not posting any of my cards, but instead, I am posting cards I received from other talent crafters.
I am a member of the Magnolia-licious Yahoo group where I participate in the 'raining group' as well as a 'Mingle card swap'.
Mingle card swap:
For the Mingle card swap, depending on the # of participants each month. I will assign a partner to send a card to and assign a partner to get a card for that partner. This time, my Mingle card partner is Kim. Thank you Kim! I received the most beautiful card from her and here is a picture of the card Kim made for me:
View of the inside of this Mingle card:
Raining Group:
For the raining group, there are a total of 24 participants. Each month, 4 participants would be picked as a 'receiver' for cards that send from other participants. This raining group goes on for 6 months until all 24 participants get their turns. Luckily, I was picked as a 'receiver' for July. So far, I received quite a few cards from the raining group. Here is the picture I received so far:
Since I am still receiving more cards from the raining group, I will keep adding more pictures as I receive them.
Thank you all ladies for these wonderful cards using Magnolia stamps. They are all so wonderful and cheerful!


Anonymous said...

what a nice collection
you are lucky
Véro (from France)

Riet said...

Ohhh Cabio,what a beautiful cards.

Hugs Riet.x

CarlaKH said...

ohh so pretty!

Lilian said...

You lucky girl! Those cards are just wonderful!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Wow! Those are all such beautiful cards, Cabio! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!
Huggies ~