Sunday, October 31, 2010

Easy made shimmering mist tutorial

Hello everyone and happy Halloween!!! Treat or trick? How about a treat?
I haven't post a tutorial for a long time, so today I am going to do a little tutorial post showing you how I made my own shimmery mist. I used it to spray flowers to add a little shiny effect on them. You can spray them with chipboard and paper as well. Remember the mini circle easel card on my last post with a distressing crackle paint. I sprayed the mist on it as well as glossy accent. I think it's a cool material.

So here is a sample of a purple mist I made. I used it to spray this white flower. You can still see the white part behind it.

First you will need some LuminArte polish pigments powder (if you don't have it, I am sure any pigment powder will work) , some water and a spray bottle. On this tutorial, I picked the purple color one on the very left.

Step one - scoop small amount of pigment powder into the empty spray bottle. As you can see this scoop is so mini, so for this small scoop, I put about 3 or 4 scoops into the bottle.

Then fill the bottle up with water (because this is pigment powder, I suggest you to wear a thin plastic gloves, otherwise, your hands are going to look like my dirty fingers on this pictures. The purple on my hands didn't go away for over a week, yikes.

Close it and shake it to mix the powder and water. It's THAT SIMPLE. Now you are ready to spray them with whatever you want.

Here is the shiny flower sprayed with this mist. Is it cool? If you want it extra shiny, you can add more glitter/stickles around the edge of these petals.

Ok, thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you like it and have fun trying them out. You can save some money from buying craft supplies now :o)


Renkata said...

Beautiful flower, thanks for the tutorial

Cami said...

Great tutorial and what a penny-saving idea! They cost alot ready made! Love how your purple flower came out! Hugs, Cami

Maria said...

What a great idea Cami! Thanks for the tute. Will have to give this a try. Hugs, Maria

Only By His Grace said...

Very effective.
thank you so much for the tutorial. Will give this a go.
Hugs Marion (Maz)

Danielle Champagne said...

Hi Cabio, thanks for the tutorial, one question: is this pigment similar to perfect pearl from Ranger? If so Yesssssssssss, I'm in business.

Unknown said...

Hi Cabio...thanks for the great tutorial...I may just have to give this a try, girlfriend!! Pat Frank

Card Crazy said...

Thanks for the great tute, Cabio. I have PearlEx powders and am going to try this asap. Love the results you got.
Sue S.

Leslie Anne Avila said...

Super cool. THanks so much for sharing Cabio!

Blessings from Georgetown~
Leslie Avila

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Such a great tutorial, Cabio! Thanks a bunch for posting this.

I saw Tim Holtz do a demo on HSN recently but he didn't show how much powder to put in the bottle. So thanks again for the details. I will definitely be trying this.

Huggies ~


Pen to Paper said...

Very cool Cabio, thanks! I always wondered what shimmer mist was. I thought it was just a spray that add shine. Now I see it's color too!



Jean said...

Thank you Cabio.. I learned this years ago when I first gotr my pearl ex powers, but lost my cheat sheet, but thought we had used alcohol (rubbing kind) with it... thanks for the reminder...
Hugs to you, Jean

Candy said...

Thanks SO much, Cabio.
Looks so easy and is beautiful!! I also thought alcohol was the secret. Good thing you gave us the tutorial!!
Hugs, Candy

Anonymous said...

Awesome tutorial Cabio! Gotta try it! hugs, Angela

Chris said...

Thank you, Cabio, for such a wonderful tutorial. Your instructions are perfect and the photos really help! I have some Lumi. powders and will definitely use them to give this a try!

Chris Christensen

LINDA W. said...

Hi Cabio....TFS your tutorial I
am always looking for ways to save money and this is something that I
will try out.
Hugs Linda

Patti Jo said...

Great job on your tutorial Cabio! Adding that shimmer really finishes off the projects! TFS!

Lim said...

Gorgeous Tutorial. Thank you!

Norma said...

Cabio, great tutorial. You have saved me a whole lot of money.


Glenda Mollet said...

Wow way cool Cabio, Thanks. I am always looking at different ways to add bling to my projects.