Sunday, January 15, 2012

Craft Day Get Together for Cake Center Piece

Hello everyone. Today is a very quick post (sorry I have a very busy weekend and I did a lot too) Yesterday, I had a fun time getting together with a few girls and we each did a cake centerpiece for an afternoon. I will do another post to show you more pictures on my wedding cake centerpieces, but today, I am just going to show you some pictures on our get together.

Nina and Julia are the girls I met through an online craft forum and also Karen who was my formal co-worker. We had a great time!!

Here are the cakes we made (sorry forgot to take a picture on Karen's cake, but hers is a fabulous looking centerpiece too) The cool dice cake is made by talent gal Nina, and the pretty floral one in the middle is made by the sweet Julia. I made the right side 'white on white' one.

Here are a couple pictures taken in my craftroom. From the left, Julia, Nina and Karen.

From the left is Julia, Nina and myself.

Thank you for stopping by and I have lots to share. Please come back again soon and I will have a few cake centerpieces to show you. I also did some card fronts for the upcoming CHA, please stay tune :o)


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Cabio! The cakes look so real! Wish I could see them up close. Your craft room looks awesome...I thought you took this photo in a craft store! NICE

Maryann Laursen said...

These cakes are absolutely stunning all of them, and you girls did such an awesome job here with this.